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Innovation Hub is a business central for SMEs and young entrepreneurs in Hanoi, where ideas are met and understood. Our vision is to build and create a successful startup & SME ecosystem in Hanoi and Vietnam.

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Innovation Hub., JSC is the 41st and first business center in the South East Asia region of Rehoboth Business Incubator, Ltd.

Innovation Hub., JSC is an Incubator. We provide not only office spaces, co-working spaces to minize the cost of new and small businesses but also support, resources, knowledges, and most important of all, our experiences on how to build a successful and sustainable business. With our expertises and professional services, we believe that we can make a change, helping lots of non-professional start-up companies in Vietnam and also in the whole South East Asia region.

Our aim is to build a gateway for Korean and Vietnamese start-ups to enter the Vietnamese market, and further more to expand our influences to others countries in the South East Asia region such as: Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar.

Innovation Hub., JSC will try its best to help, support and motivate the Vietnamese Start-up market  to bring more and more new entrepreneurs with their innovative ideas comes to life.

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